How to be a Great Ambassador!

Our ambassador program is our favorite part about Rose Fitness Apparel. Ambassadors don't just represent the brand -- they shape it! Everything we do is about building the best products and the best company for the ambassadors who represent it. We love building our company together with ambassadors.

We've been working with ambassadors for a year now, and we've learned a lot about what works. So here are some of the tips we've learned from our amazing ambassadors!

Focus on Photos

We're all about Instagram, and Instagram is all about photos. Our top ambassadors and athletes have a wide range of tumbling experience and ability, but they all take great photos. Smartphones cameras are AMAZING, and you can get really great results if you put in some effort.

Pay attention to the lighting. Your photos will look best if you take them outdoors in daylight, but a well-lit room indoors can work too. You might not expect it, but overcast days can be great for giving photos a nice, soft feel.

Pick a good background. Sometimes a nice neutral background (like a wall or open space) or does the trick. Other times, you can do a good job of making the background complement or accent your pose.

Here are a couple of photos that we think are great (and that we shared with our 25,000+ followers!) Both have good lighting. The first has a nice neutral background, while the second one has an interesting background that fits in nicely with the marble set she's wearing.


Figure out what's right for you

Our brand isn't for everyone. We're for brave, fearless women, and we sell bold leggings and tops that reflect that. (Of course, our more neutral Basic Set is pretty great too!) Take some time to look through our clothes and figure out what patterns fit your personality. If you want to be an ambassador for us, it's worth figuring out exactly why you love our clothes.

Be helpful

A lot of our most successful ambassadors do a great job of reaching out to girls who are interested in our clothes. They answer questions about sizing and about different options. They're never pushy, but they help people figure out if we're right for them!

Send us photos

Some of our favorite ambassadors are the ones who consistently email us photos for us to post! These photos get shared to our huge audience (and we tag whoever is in them, of course) and then we send the submitter a gift card. It's  a pretty good deal! Check out the details here!

If you have any questions, let us know!


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