How to Become an Awesome Brand Ambassador!

Have you ever wanted to become a brand ambassador? The thing is – it’s actually surprisingly easy to become one! Many brands offer an ambassador program these days, so you can apply to become an ambassador for your favorite brand. We’ll go through that in detail in this article, along with how to be a good brand ambassador.

But first, let’s discuss what being a brand ambassador is all about. Is it just product promotion? Nope! Being a brand ambassador means much more – it’s a relationship, or a partnership, between you and a brand you respect. You help spread their message to your followers, in return for some free goodies, shoutouts and other perks. Becoming an ambassador isn’t about promoting a company – it’s promoting their values. It’s an opportunity to represent a brand you love.

So, how do you become one? The first step to becoming an ambassador is…

Finding the right brand

So as we explained above, being an ambassador is a very involved process. You want to find the right brand, so you feel excited about partnering with them and helping spread their message. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want to represent this brand?

Are you excited about their products? Do you agree with their values and goals? Would you be comfortable representing them? Also bear in mind that your followers’ preferences are important. Promoting a brand that tests on animals, for instance, wouldn’t go down well if your followers are mostly vegan.

What rewards do they offer? What is their rewards system?

Go through their ambassador page and carefully read through their rewards section. A percentage on sales (given as store credit) is the norm, but they may have a different system in place. Are the points easy to redeem? Do you understand the process thoroughly?

How do they engage with their ambassadors?

Ambassadorship, as we explained, is a relationship – so it has to work both ways. Look at some of the brand’s ambassadors and see how they engage with them. Is the brand’s team responsive and involved, or do they ignore their ambassadors? Find a brand that gives its ambassadors importance. 

Becoming an ambassador

Now that you’ve chosen the brand you want to go with, here’s how you start the (usually simple) process of becoming their brand ambassador:

Go through their application process and apply

This is usually fairly simple, because brands are eager to have an awesome brand ambassador. In our case, for example, all the details are displayed on our ambassador program page, and instructions for application are provided. You’ll usually be asked to tell them why you’re the perfect brand ambassador for them – so prepare an answer in advance.

Buy the product so you can talk about it!

Next, you should buy some of their stuff so you can try it out and talk about it to your followers. Otherwise it’d be like reviewing an item you haven’t actually tested – which would be neither fun, nor fair to your followers.

Being a great ambassador: taking photos/filming videos

In 2019, photos and videos are more popular than they’ve ever been before – and that’s a great opportunity! Take lots of awesome photos and videos for your followers, to get views and increase engagement. Here are some tips for taking great photos:


Find good lighting

This is the first step in taking good photos. Make sure you’re in good, bright lighting so the photo/video is clear. Of course, you can experiment with different lighting – both natural and artificial – but always make sure the final result is easy on the eyes.

Make sure you are in focus.

The image (or video) should be sharp and clear, and you should preferably be in the center. Again, you can experiment a bit to make sure all your photos don’t end up being similar, but don’t let yourself become a part of the background.

Experiment with different compositions

Switch things up. Post photos and videos from different angles, with different filters. Use props and interesting backgrounds. You can try posting drawings, watercolor paintings, montages – whatever suits your style. Routine is boring, so make sure you maintain an element of surprise.

Being a great ambassador: represent the brand

As a brand ambassador, you will be representing the brand. So make sure you do it well. As far as your followers are concerned, you know everything about the brand. Here are some tips for representing your favorite company:

Answer questions when people have them

If your followers ask you questions about the brand – which they will – you should be able to answer them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert! Using the brand’s products will give you a decent idea (about sizing, shipping, material etc.), and for the rest you can always do some quick research.

Tag the brand or use their hashtag in your posts

Most brands like to share posts made by their ambassadors. Tag the brand in your posts about them so they can. This way your posts will have a wider audience, and the brand will know that you’re talking about them.

Have a message for your followers – provide real value

Don’t let yourself become just a brand ambassador. Always remember to be yourself. Talking about the brand and showing off its products is important, but you should also have a message for your followers. It could be about health, about empowering women, about being time-efficient, about helping animals…anything. What are you passionate about?

Finally – remember to have fun!

Being a brand ambassador is a unique experience, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Ambassador programs are intended to be a fun way to share a brand’s message and get free goodies. Try different products, take interesting photos and help your followers where you can, but always remember, above all, to have fun with it.

If you have any questions about our ambassador program, you can email us at

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