Styles for Your Perfect Summer Getaway

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It's Summertime!

That's right, it's the season for days at the beach and nights under the stars. This summer, we at Rose Fitness Apparel have noticed a trend toward bold patterns and colorful flowers, toward bright and vibrant clothing for living a bright and vibrant life. We've noticed customers wearing our new summer sets with confidence, joy, and a sense of adventure - and we love it! 

In the spirit of tropical adventure, we've rounded up some of our favorite summertime destinations (alright, we would visit these any time of the year, really). Read on for our style tips for looking and feeling great, whether you're lounging on the beach, hiking through the rainforest, or dancing it out at the club. Where do you want to go next? 
What to Do: Hike to Manoa Falls on O'ahu

Hawaii is famous for its lush beauty and stunning landscapes, and few places showcase its incredible natural variety the way this hike does. Travel up from Honolulu and enjoy an incredible day hike with views that are definitely worth the climb!

What to Wear: RoseFit Pina Colada Set 
Match the ~ Hawaiian Vibe ~ perfectly with our cheerful Pina Colada Set (and 
enjoy a fruity, tropical drink or two while you're at it). 
DESTINATION: Tulum, Mexico
What to Do: Hike Through Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Home to incredible jungles and a gorgeous beach, the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve is a one-of-a-kind experience. Spend an unforgettable day exploring Mayan ruins, seeing spider monkeys in their natural habitat, and discovering the wide variety of flowers that bloom there.

What to Wear: RoseFit Garden Set
Blend right in with the flora and fauna in our flowery garden set, which transitions easily from a day in the jungle to an evening in a resort. 
What to Do: Scuba Diving Among Coral Reefs

Fiji is home to some of the longest coral reefs in the world, housing hundreds of kinds of fish and water plants. Float through schools of jewel-colored fish and marvel at the world hidden under the waves. 

What to Wear: RoseFit Invigorate Set 
Look and feel refreshed in our lively invigorate set both on and off the beach!
What to Do: Explore Malibu Beach

LA is known for its beaches, and nowhere is that fame more deserved than in Malibu. Spend the day enjoying the sunshine on the beach, then watch the sun set over the ocean from a beachfront restaurant (we recommend the seafood!). 

What to Wear: RoseFit Pink Pro Set 
Embrace the happy-go-lucky California lifestyle in our easy-breezy pink pro set. 

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