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Rose Fitness Apparel is committed to providing the highest quality athletic wear for athletes, adventurers, and anyone with a sharp eye for style. Our cofounders work tirelessly to find the best designs, the highest quality materials, and the best prices for our customers

About Danielle and Eli

Elijah Rosett enlisted in the Marine Corps soon after high school, where he trained intensively for three years to become a Recon Marine. During his military service he met and married Danielle, who was going to nursing school at the time.

Elijah and Danielle decided to start Rose Fitness Apparel because fitness is a huge part of their lives. Every day, they push themselves to be active and adventurous. Pursuing their passions has always been important to them, and Rose Fitness Apparel lets them share that passion with others.

Again, thank you for visiting the website. Rose Fitness is so excited to grow with all of you!