Submit a Photo!

Ambassadors can submit photos of themselves in RoseFit gear for a chance to be featured on our official Instagram page! If we feature a picture that you submit to us, we'll send you a $10 gift card as our way of saying thanks.

To submit a picture to us, just email with the photos attached. Be sure to include your Instagram handle so that we can tag you in our post. And if you're a minor, please make sure you have your parents' permission.

We can only feature the best photos on our page, so here are some tips to help you out:

  • Make sure your photo is high enough resolution. Usually, we post pictures that are at least 800 x 600 pixels, and even larger is better. 
  • Try to take the photo in good lighting. Pictures that are taken inside at night usually are too dark to look good on instagram. If you look through our feed, most pictures are taken outside or inside with plenty of light.
  • Be careful about accidentally cutting off your toes and elbows! Not every photo is a full body shot, of course. But sometimes pictures look a little weird if you cut off the bottom half of your foot or if your elbow is stick out of the frame.
  • Think about the background of your photo. It's great if the background is stunning like this photo. But it doesn't have to be spectacular. Even if you're just at home, try not to have anything that distract from the photo. This one is a good example: she's just taking pictures in front of her garage. But since it's a nice even background, the emphasis of the photo is kept on her. 

Those are some basics to get you started. But if you want to take your photo to the next level, check out an article like this one.